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The website to visit if you want to look at videogame trailers.
An information website for all the videogames in the world, check it out for news in the gaming world.
Stuck with a game, have no feaure, walktroughs and cheats are here.
The English information site for Action Game Maker.
Home of the Misao Awards for RPG Maker games, also has a great collection of amateur made games.
One of the biggest amateur gaming community.
A game called Bless One, created by our own black_mage#1. Colt is also helping me out with this project. Definatly check it out.
A great friend of the PTEI team, Naughty Caliber has been with us since the begining. Please check out his website entitled "Caliber Games" and make sure you sign up on their forums, because its a very friendly place. Colt and Bmage are avid posters there.
The home of the PTEI spin off/fangame PTEI Zero.
A website dedicated to hosting rare and not-so-rare rpgmaker games.
A website that is planning on hosting games and currently has reviews of several.
Visionary Unlimited, home to the great game RPG Maker 2000 action/shooter game Insignia.
The Official Pokemon The Evil Inside website, a sister site on


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