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Types of games that can be created

Action Game Maker will come with four plug-ins: a platformer plug-in, action rpg plug-in, shooter plug-in, and a demo plug-in.

Resolutions that can be used

There will be 10 resolutions that can be used. For the 4:3 aspect ratio, you can use 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768. For the 16:9 aspect ratio, you can use 1280x720 and 1920x1080. The four other resolutions allowed are: 240x240, 256x192, 256x384, and 480x272. For all resolutions, the horizontal and vertical sizes can be reversed (for example, 640x480 can also be 480x640).
4:3 320x240 640x480 800x600 1024x768
16:9 1280x720 1920x1080    
Other 240x240 256x192 256x384 480x272

Materials (images and audio) that can be used

For images, PNG and BMP files can be used. They support RGB alpha channels. Images have no size limit (i.e. sprites can be of any size).
For sound, AIF and WAV files can be used. Sound looping can be done with programs such as YAMAHA Wave Editor TWE and Audacity.

Create elements using images

In the editor, you can place the elements on the canvas (see below).


The canvas is the map editor. There are four layers for tiles (thanks to Moogle Warrior for correcting this), and one for gadgets (known as events in the RPG Maker series). Parallax scrolling (such as in SNES Castlevania games) is supported. Layer 2 is selected in the screenshot below.

Action Game Maker

Canvas Functions


You can choose the type of movement (such as four-directional or not). You can decide if a tile is animated or if it will affect the player. Many tile sizes are supported, including: 8x8 pixels, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, and 512x512

Action Game Maker


You can link between maps, deciding where the player is teleported. This can work 2-way or 1-way. You can also choose to have special events happen when the player is teleported.

Action Game Maker


AGM supports the use of cameras to control how the game maps scroll through the screen. You can force automatic scrolling or pan wherever you want, regardless of where the player is, forcing the player to move with the screen.

Action Game Maker

Gadget/Event Paths

You can use lines to specify where gadgets (events) move on the canvas with an advanced editor that requires no programming skill at all! Simply drag and drop the line paths and specify how the event moves.

Action Game Maker


There is an editor to put together the different animations for actions different events have. For example, running and "stop" animations for the player's character. In this editor you can also decide how actions switch between the sprites. This is for ALL gadgets, not just the main player sprite!

Action Game Maker

Image/Animation Features

Image manipulation

Animations will have a framerate of 100 frames per second. Images, including animation frames, can be rotated, zoomed, and have different transparency levels set!

Collision detection

AGM supports collision detection! You can specify the range of the detection within a rectangular frame. It can be used to detect contact with gadgets, contact with tiles, and the extent of damage.

Action Game Maker

Connection points

You can define connection points on gadgets, as well as points from which projectiles can be fired.


There is an extensive editor for gadgets. You can define behaviors for enemy attacks and how it will affect other objects, such as the player character. You can view how the defined behaviors will affect objects and the animation used.

Action Game Maker

Details of how gadgets work

Work program

With the "work program" you can specify how gadgets act. This includes movement direction, speed, projectile firing, or display messages. The editor allows complex behaviors for gadgets.


The movement editor has basic moves and an option for acceleration, which you can customize. You can set how much an object will accelerate and slow down when it moves. You can define the jumping arc and the degree to which gravity affects the gadget being edited.


There is an editor to define what types of projectiles can be shot out by a gadget.

Action Game Maker


There is an editor to create a menu for action RPG's. You can decide on the type of display, the HUD, how the game works when paused, etc.

Action Game Maker

Menu functions


You can define the types of items (item is defined here as a menu option, like "Save", not item like a potion) you can use in the menu and how they work.

Action Game Maker

Group Cursors

You can choose to group items and assign how they're selected via cursors. You can create hierarchies for items that lead to other items.

Action Game Maker

Game Flow

How games are processed is defined in the Flow-chart editor. You can connect different types of plug-ins in this editor, allowing a game to have both an action RPG and platformer set-up, for example.

Action Game Maker


You can view the font characters used in the game and select them through a quick editor, such as for messages. Notice that there are English numerals in the screenshot. This further backs up the likelihood of an official English translation.

Action Game Maker

Export Formats

AGM games can be exported into three formats:

Standard format (Windows + DirectX)
The main format is the standard player on Windows, with DirectX (how other programs, such as RPG Maker XP and VX export). You do not need the AGM program to play games made by it.

Microsoft XNA
It can be exported to the Microsoft XNA Framework, using XNA Game Studio 3.0, to be played on the XBox 360. XNA Game Studio 3.0 is required to be able to do this.

Output Flash SWF with Adobe Flex SDK
The final format that can be exported to is Flash, which can be played by the Adobe Flash player. The Java SE Development Kit for Adobe Flex SDK is required to do this. Games exported to flash may suffer some limitations, such as ability to handle less gadgets or loss in speed. AIF files won't work in Flash, but WAV and MP3's do.

Action Game Maker

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The highly anticipated Action Game Maker by Enterbrain, to be released in japan in March.