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Sample Games

Download 3 Sample Games

Three sample games have been released (in Japanese) by Enterbrain. They use a 320x240 resolution. The download is about 57 MB.

Click here to download the installer containing the three games

Setting up the Games

1. Keep clicking the bottom right "Next" button in the installer (it will have a (N) by it) until you've finished installing.
2. Click any of the 3 shortcuts that will appear on your Desktop to play the 3 sample games. The first shortcut is for the platformer, the 2nd is for the action RPG, the third is for the shooter.


Game Controls

Operation XBox 360 Controllers Keyboard
Movement Directional Pad
Left Joystick
Arrow keys
Various Actions A Button
B Button
X Button
Y Button
X Key
D Key
A Key
W Key
Pause Menu START Button Spacebar
End Game   ESC Key
Full Screen / Switch Display Mode   F4 Key

Deleting the Games

To delete the games, go to the Control Panel in Windows, choose "Add or Remove Programs" and remove the games from there.

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Action Game Maker Trial Download

Download the Trail

The Action Game Maker Trail requires directX9.0c to be installed on your computer.

Click here to download the trial! (without DirectX 9.0c Setup)(139 Mb)

Click here to download the trial! (with DirectX 9.0c Setup)(226 Mb)

Click here to Unoffcial ENGLISH PATCH for the trail version(1.6 Mb)

Constraints of the Trial

  1. On startup, a single network authentication check will be done. No personal information will be collected. In the full version of the program, network authentication will happen frequently.
  2. You can only create up to 20 canvases (maps). The full version is unlimited.
  3. You can only create up to 100 gadgets (events). The full version is unlimited.
  4. The amount of data that can be read is restricted. There is no data reading restriction in the full version.
  5. You can only save a project up to 50 times. The full version is unlimited.
  6. You cannot add new "Images", "BGM", or "SE". In the full version you can import and export any items the program accepts.
  7. The "New Game Wizard" options are limited. You can only select "Simple Action", "Simple Action RPG, and "Simple Shooter". You cannot set the screen resolution. In the full version, you will be able to edit the genres in different ways. You can also create a game from scratch and set the resolution.
  8. Games can't be exported. In the full version, you can export to Windows (the default way of game exporting), Microsoft XNA format, and Adobe Flex SDK for Flash.
  9. The settings cannot be changed. In the full version any settings can be changed.
  10. The trial cannot be updated.

System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista with DirectX9.0c support (64-bit versions not guaranteed to work properly)
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz equivalent or higher (Intel Core 2 Duo equivalent recommended)
Memory: 512MB or more (2GB recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 200MB or more (for the trial)
Video Card: 1024x768 resolution or higher
Sound Card: Must be capable of 16-bit stereo and can play 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz WAVs
Internet Connection: Required for startup

How to Use

  • The first time you run the trial, your network authentication ability will be checked.
  • Once the program's open, click the "New" icon under the "Home" icon. The "New" icon looks like a pencil on paper (it's two below the Home icon). A wizard will pop up. Choose one of 3 genre options (Simple Action Adventure, Simple Action RPG, or Simple Shooter). Keep clicking through until all the left-side tabs are hilighted in yellow. Then click the box. The genre you picked will load, popping up the game itself automatically.

  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Enterbrainís Action Game Maker Page (Translated by Google)
    Enterbrainís Blog (Translated by Google)
    Promotional Flash Video (Japanese)

    Information obtained from

    The highly anticipated Action Game Maker by Enterbrain, to be released in japan in March.