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To submit an action game for the list, first make sure it fits the following guidelines

#1. It must be an action game. This includes the various subcatagories, and the combination genres.
#2. It must have a plot of some sort.
#3. *Concerning amateur made games* A playable version of the game must be available to the general public, demos counts, but beta versions don't.

After the game is submitted we will determine weither or not it belongs on the list. Then we will provide an action game score, showing how much of an action game the game really is.

Please e-mail the following to

Game title
Short description of the game
*Concerning amateur games* Include one or more screenshot(s) and a title screen or a concept coverart work.
*Concetning amateur games* Provide a link to a downloadable version of the game.

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If you know about an action game that isn't on this website? Help us expand the list. This counts for both professional retail games and amateur created games. Follow the instructions to learn how to submit a game.